Most frequent questions and answers


Coaching is a partnership between coach and client to help you achieve your goals and make the changes you desire in your life. The time spent in conversation with a coach gives you the space to reflect, consider new questions, shift your perspective and gain new insight, all in service of becoming who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Coaching is about raising awareness, NOT giving advice, counselling, or therapy. Coaching supports you in your plan to bring change. Taking action is absolutely key to coaching. 


Some things are difficult to do alone.  Life coaching is inviting a partner into your journey with you. Everyone gets stuck at some point. Sometimes we need someone alongside us to help us get unstuck.  Often, we are simply too close to our own lives to be able to see ourselves and our situation clearly.  It’s always possible to see differently.  Coaching helps you see yourself and your life more clearly and take action to create the life you want. Coaching doesn’t necessarily show you anything NEW – usually we know what we need to do!  But it can help you see yourself and your situation differently and give you a new perspective. That is the beginning of real change.


Coaching is for anyone who desires clarity and purposeful action in any area of life.  Relationships, responsibilities, work and financial demands, new opportunities, life transitions, our own sidelined dreams and goals, all vie for our limited attention and energy.  We have areas in our lives that need light, knots that need untangled.  

Here are a few reasons for working with a life coach.  

A thing to explore—doing something differently or being different

An area where you are stuck

A transition into a new job, project, relationship

An ending or a beginning

An ongoing, challenging relationship or life situation 

A need for a safe place outside of your workplace or relationships where, over time, you’d like a thinking partner 

A reason you can’t put into words

 *from Simplifying Coaching by Claire Pedrick


A typical life coaching session is an hour.  After a brief catch-up time, we will identify the question you’d like to think about or what you’d like to work on during that session.  Coaching is always guided by your agenda, not the coach’s agenda.  It is important that you come to the session with thoughts on what would be most helpful to work on, though our conversation may shift or refine the direction you want to take.  Throughout our conversation, I will offer questions and reflections to help you think about your situation, the outcome you desire, and the next steps you’ll take to work toward your desired outcome.  When appropriate, you will have specific action steps to take prior to our next session.  We may use tools, either during our session or in between sessions, to help you gain insight in specific areas.  Our focus will always be helping you gain insight and move forward toward your desires and goals.


The frequency of coaching sessions and duration of the coaching relationship will depend on your needs and goals for coaching.  Some things are accomplished over weeks or months.  Sometimes coaching is a relationship over a much longer period of time.  During our complementary discovery session, we’ll explore what you are looking for in life coaching. Based on your desires and objectives, we’ll establish a plan for moving forward, including an initial number of sessions.  

The frequency of meeting depends on the best rhythm for you.  Some people like to meet weekly to maintain the flow of conversation and forward movement in their lives.  For others, every other week works best.  It’s important to balance allowing enough time between sessions to process the coaching time and take any action steps you’ve decided to take, while maintaining your commitment and the momentum of the life coaching relationship and process. 


Life coaching is an investment in yourself and your life. Few things are as important as beneficial as tending to yourself with intentionality through reflection, self-discovery, purposeful action.   You have this one life to fully show-up for the people you love and the things that are important to you.  The investment and commitment are part of the journey.  

The coaching fee is $75 per session.  What you pay for coaching will go directly into a fund set up for the sole purpose of helping people, who are otherwise financially unable, to receive professional therapy and counseling, not my coaching services. I am happy to provide further information regarding this fund.  If this fee is beyond your means, please contact me to discuss an appropriate arrangement for you.  


Both coaching and counseling are confidential helping relationships that take place in a safe environment.  The important distinction between the two is the focus and time orientation. Counseling or therapy addresses emotional wounds, trauma, family or relational dysfunction, and issues of mental or emotional health.  It is oriented toward the past and/or present and is conducted by a professional trained to help bring healing in these areas.  Coaching is oriented in the present and future. A coaching relationship is for individuals who want to explore challenges, opportunities, and growth in any area of life.  Coaching is focused on gaining new insight or perspective in order to take action toward the client’s desired outcomes.